Hi! I’m new here!

This is the part where if we were meeting face to face I would be extremely socially awkward and not know what to say.  I’m hoping this introduction is less awkward via the internet.  So here it goes!

My name is Wendy, and I am a mom of two. My road to marriage, and motherhood, was not “traditional”, but that’s a story for another day. In my almost four years of motherhood I have found that motherhood can be isolating at times, and I felt like this was a way to put my words down and hopefully make some friends along the way. My hope is that this blog can develop into a positive community of women from all different seasons in life looking to connect with other positive women.

Here are a few things you will not be seeing on this blog:

-political posts….there’s enough of those other places 🙂

-professional photos every post….my kids are almost 2 & 4 perfect pictures don’t exist

-a perfect mom, wife, and person….no one is perfect, in fact I believe we are all perfectly imperfect and our imperfections are sometimes our greatest strengths

-perfect grammar…sorry!

Here are a few things you will be seeing:

-honest, raw posts that I hope resonate with a few people

-some playground and family attraction posts from the Atlanta and surrounding areas, and on the very rare times we travel

-an abundance of happiness and kindness

Please feel free to introduce yourself and follow along. I’m excited for this journey!

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