A Trip to Tellus Science Museum

I’m a science geek, always have been.  I was in advanced physics in high school and I LOVED it, chemistry was fascinating, give me anatomy and physiology all day, I picked an electricity class as one of my electives my senior year.  My brain loves science.  Needless to say I try to always involve a little bit of science in all my lessons with my kids, as much as you can with an almost four year old and an almost two year old.  At the moment my oldest is obsessed with all things airplanes and helicopters.  I happened to come across an event on Facebook called “heavy metal in motion day” at the local science museum.  The icing on the cake was that they were going to have helicopter landings and take offs.  There was no extra cost for the extra events they were having that day, you only had to pay the regular museum admission which was so nice. I knew my son would be in heaven, and my daughter loves anything right now as long as her brother does too, and this mama was so excited about the science!

Along with the regular museum the heavy metal in motion day consisted of a parking lot full of different types of transportation vehicles.  As mentioned before helicopters, there was one medical helicopter and a Georgia state patrol helicopter, firetrucks, military vehicles, vintage cars, an ambulance, tow truck, several jeeps, a cockpit from a fighter jet, and several more.  Everyone was so kind to the kids and let them touch everything, climb up and through all of their vehicles, and just explore like children love to do.

Once inside the museum I was in awe of how big it was! I had no idea how many exhibits they had and was so pleasantly surprised by it all.  They have an area where you can pan for different gems which is also connected to an area where kids can pretend to be archaeologists and dig for dinosaur fossils. The next area we went to was the science in motion exhibit. It housed a full size helicopter, various items connected to the space program, the cockpit to an airplane, and a complete replica of the Wright brothers aircraft.  They also had a vintage train engine, and several vintage cars.  It was transportation heaven for my son! We then visited their fossil exhibit, and it was incredible! My kids were amazed at the size of the dinosaurs and various other animal fossils. The size of the Megaladon and Tyrannosaurus Rex were incredible.   From there we moved onto the mineral exhibit, which has just about everything you could ever want to see, or need to know about minerals and gems. We especially loved the fluorescent mineral room.  It was amazing! The last part of the museum we visited was called My backyard.  Each area of the exhibit had a different hands on science theme to experiment with.  They varied from experiments with lights, sound, mirrors, and electricity.  There is also a garden area that is perfect for the younger kids who might not be completely ready for the other activities.  We especially loved the walk in tree that displayed different types of weather.  We did not get to check out the planetarium on this visit, but definitely plan on checking out one day.

It was a wonderful day watching my little ones explore, and seeing their amazement.  We will definitely be visiting Tellus again in the future!


For more information about the Tellus Science Museum visit them here

Here is our video from the day, feel free to subscribe to our channel for all of our adventures 🙂

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