Creating New Traditions as a Family

Growing up I loved Thanksgiving.  I loved the closeness I felt to my family, I loved the excitement of knowing the Christmas season was coming, I loved all of our little family traditions.  It truly was the happiest time of year for me.

As we all got older things changed, as they naturally do.  Being the baby of the family it was hard for me to accept the changes that came along with all my brothers moving out of the house and starting their own families, and adult lives.  I struggled greatly with understanding why they couldn’t always come to our house for the holidays and why all of our traditions had to change.  A few years down the road things changed again with the death of our dad, and then again a few years after that with the death of our mom. Holidays didn’t feel so magical anymore, they felt heavy, they made me feel such an overwhelming sadness over the people missing from the table.  Eventually I just got to the point where I didn’t want to celebrate holidays at all. And then I became a mother.

Having babies brought back all the magic of the holidays.  All of a sudden I wanted Christmas music, decorations, a house full of family, and traditions.  I wanted our kids to experience the same magic that my husband and I experienced growing up.

The first tradition we agreed upon was that every year we would take our kids to Lenox Mall to ride the Macy’s Pink Pig.  If you are a native to Atlanta you know all about Priscilla the pig.  If you aren’t from around these parts let me give you a brief history. The Pink Pig started in the 1950’s at Rich’s in their toy department. At the time it was like a monorail that children were able to ride on above the toy department.  It has moved around a couple of times over the years, but has been at Lenox Mall for about 15 years now. It is now in a tent that is made up to look like it’s from the 1950’s and it is like a small train ride.  For some people it is a tradition that has been in their family for several generations.

The lines are long sometimes, we waited a hour and a half today, and the ride is short but it really is magical seeing the excitement and joy it brings the kids.  Priscilla is usually waiting when you first step foot in the tent for a quick picture before you get to the last part of the line before the train.

It cost $12 for all of us to ride, and it was worth every penny to see these two smile like they did.  It is one of our favorite holiday traditions. Here is a video of our time spent at the Pink Pig today so you can get an up close view of it all.

My kids have taught me so much without even knowing it.  They have taught me how to focus on all we have, instead of all we’ve lost.  They’ve taught me how to take time to just enjoy the simple things.  They have reminded me all about the magic the holiday season can bring.

I would love to hear about some of your family traditions that you’ve carried on from your childhood, or any new ones you’ve created with your family as an adult.  Please feel free to leave a comment!

For more information on the Macy’s Pink Pig see here

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