Consignment Sale Season is Upon Us

There was a time, early in our parenthood journey, where we didn’t have enough money to afford much more than baby clothes we found at goodwill.  We would have loved to have bought both of our kids the trendiest boutique baby clothes, but that just wasn’t in our budget.  For me, this wasn’t a big deal.  I grew up wearing homemade clothes, and clothes my mom picked up at consignment sales.  My parents always taught us that our worth wasn’t going to be found in the brand of clothes we were wearing, and that we weren’t too good to wear second hand clothes.

While I was pregnant with my first I started checking out consignment sales.  I remembered going to them with my mom when I was younger, and then again when my brothers started having kids.  I could remember how she would find piles of clothes and toys for super cheap. Consignment sales usually happen twice a year: winter sales will have clothes for spring and summer, and then the sale in the summer will have clothes for fall and winter.  I very quickly learned where my favorite sales were and tried to stock up on everything I thought we would need for the upcoming season.  Before my son was born I was even able to stock up on things like cloth diapers, bottles, baby carriers, and other newborn essentials.  It saved us big time!

Some of the clothing I picked up for our son at one sale

Just recently I started selling our children’s clothing in some sales.  When you become a seller most sales let you shop earlier than the general public.  You usually get to take home about 70-80% of the profit that you sell.  I have very easily sold enough to cover what I have bought for my kids for the next season, plus had some money leftover.  It has been a great way for me to clear out the stuff we don’t need, and to feel like I’m contributing monetarily to our family.

Some of the clothing I picked up for our daughter at one sale

I’ve developed a list of the consignment sales that I have personally shopped at and recommend.  Before I go on to my list let me give you a couple helpful links to pages you can use to look up sales in your area, if you’re not from the Atlanta and surrounding areas like myself:

  1. Consignment sale finder
  2. Consignment Mommies

These two links are the best ones that I have used to search for different sales in my area.  They have great tools for finding sales in many different states, and also usually have either a website or facebook link to the various sales.  I would recommend always checking with the sales website/facebook page to make sure that you have an accurate sale date and time.

For my Atlanta, and surrounding areas, parent friends here is a list of sales I have personally sold/shopped at, and recommend.  Keep in mind that most sales have a 30-50% off day the last sale day, those are the best days and also the busiest.  When I go to the 50% off days I always try to get there right when it opens.  Be sure before you go to a sale that you check out their pages to see their rules on strollers being brought into their sale.  Each one is different depending on their space.

All 4 Kids-

  • I have sold at this sale and I have also shopped at all of their sales
  • When you sell at these sales they go through all your items at drop off and pull out anything that is stained or dingy so when you shop you are getting nice quality clothing.
    • Woodstock Sale 3/7, 3/8, 3/9
    • Location-His Hands Church
    • Marietta Sale 3/14, 3/15, 3/16
    • Location-Cobb County Fairgrounds
    • For all the information on these sales click here


Mt. Bethel UMC Consignment Sale

  • I have sold at this sale and shopped there
    • Location is Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church in Marietta
    • Sale dates are 3/15 and 3/16
    • For all the information on this sale click here



  • I have shopped at this sale
    • Location is Sandy Plains Baptist Church in Marietta
    • Sale date is 3/9
    • This sale is great if you have multiples because it is run by the Northwest Atlanta Moms of Multiples so there are usually a lot of duplicates of things
    • For all the information on this sale click here


Rhea Lana’s

  • I have shopped at this sale
    • Decatur Location-Northlake Mall in what used to be the former Kohls
    • Decatur sale dates are 2/10-2/16
    • North Atlanta Location-Perimeter Pointe Shopping Center in the old Michaels
    • North Atlanta sale dates are 2/10-2/16
    • For all the information on these sales click here


Little Lambs Closet Sale

  • I have shopped at this sale
    • Location-First United Methodist Church Marietta
    • Sale dates-2/28 to 3/2


Peachtree Kids Market

  • I have shopped at this sale, along with normal consignment pieces they do also have overstock, sample, and new boutique pieces.  Those pieces will be more expensive than normal consignment sale pieces.
    • Location-Crosspointe Church Peachtree City
    • Sale dates-3/15 & 3/16


Consigning Closets

  • I have shopped at this sale
    • Location-Sonrise Baptist Church in Newnan
    • Sale dates-3/1 & 3/2


NFUMC Preschool & Kindergarten Sale

  • I have shopped at this sale
    • Location-Newnan First United Methodist Church
    • Sale dates-3/1 & 3/2

So that’s my personal list of sales, I hope that will be helpful for any other parents out there looking to save some money but still dress their kids nice. Be sure to checkout the sales pages because many times they will have early bird passes, first time mom passes, and grandparent passes that will allow you to go into the sale earlier than the general public.

Thanks for stopping by!


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