The Delta Flight Museum

About a decade ago I was a flight attendant. I’m not sure how a decade has already gone by, but apparently I’m getting old. I worked for a charter airline that mainly did troop movements during the main part of the war. That job changed my life.

I had never been out of the country prior to that, and really hadn’t gone too far from Georgia. So, going overseas for the first time was culture shock, but in a good way. It showed me first hand that there is so much more to this world than I could’ve ever imagined in my comfy home in the United States. It made me so much more appreciative of all the opportunities we have here, and really made me realize how much we take for granted. I went to some countries I don’t wish to go back to because of how I was treated as a woman there. I went to some countries that I hope to go back to again. I really can’t say enough about that period of my life without probably boring everyone reading this. For me it was truly when I grew up, realized I could do hard things, and realized that there is a whole world out there to learn about that is not taught in school.

Needless to say when my son started to really get into all things planes I was excited! I don’t care if he ever works in the aviation industry, I’m just excited that he’s already inquisitive about planes and how they go up, and down, and how they can take him places he can only imagine right now. I want my kids to travel, and learn about other cultures, and immerse themselves in other cultures.

I had not even thought to take both kids to the Delta Flight Museum until I randomly came across their IG page. I knew a lot of it would be over their heads, but I also knew just being that close to the biggest planes they’ve ever seen would be so exciting for both of them. We went over to the museum one day when it was kind of rainy and cold. It was $15 for me and the kids were free. We no more stepped foot into the building and my son was already yelling, WOW!” For me that’s worth every penny. When we walked into the first hangar the “wows” continues throughout. There were smaller airplanes in this hangar and he was mesmerized. I loved seeing all of the old memorabilia in the display cases, and of course my favorite were all the old flight attendant uniforms. Going into the second hangar we walked past a room that is full of every model airplane you could imagine and through what my son called the “blue tunnel”. Once through the tunnel we entered the second hangar which houses “the spirit of Delta” which was the first Boeing 767 delivered to Delta. We were actually allowed to go inside this plane and seeing my kids step foot in a plane for the first time was priceless. The front of the plane still had seats and was intact, and the back had display cases with various info on the plane and memorabilia. There was lots more to see in the second hangar as well as a gift shop. After the second hangar we walked to the 747 they have on display in the parking lot for the 747 experience. This was amazing! We were able to tour the 747 at our own pace. They were able to go to the upper deck of the plane and sit in the seats, look at the flight deck, and explore to their hearts content. The back half of the plane was all displays and set up really nicely!

This was a wonderful experience for me, and my four year old and two year old loved it as well! They loved it so much they were asking to “go back another day” before we had left. If you or your kids are interested in aviation at all I would highly recommend it!

For more information on the museum click here.

You can check out the full video of our time at the museum below:

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