Our Day at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta announced recently that they will be offering a family free day four times a year. The first family free day will be on February 13th and admission will be free for families, and they will have extended hours. You do have to pre-register for the family free days to guarantee entrance on that day. For the full information on the family free days please click here and here.

We had never been to the children’s museum until this fall when I decided to take my little ones to explore. At the time we went the traveling exhibit was Daniel Tiger which was great for my toddlers. They enjoyed all the activities relating to the show, and the live show that was put on.

In the fundamentally food exhibit the kids were able to go to the “grocery store” and pick out foods, push a shopping cart, and use a cash register. They were able to pretend to drive a delivery truck, load it, and unload it. There was a diner set up where they could pretend play with cooking foods, and serving them. There was a farm area where the kids were able to milk a cow, collect eggs from chickens, and drive a tractor.

In the gateway to the world exhibit the kids are able to learn about six of the different continents through continent tables. They can build a rocket to launch and see how far it makes it. There is also a two story climbing structure they can use to build confidence in their climbing abilities.

In the leaping into learning exhibit you will find a toddler zone that is especially for the smaller little ones. There is a small house to play in, a car to drive, and more interactive age suitable activities. The rest of the exhibit outside the toddler zone is suited for ages up to five. My kids loved the big water table they have where they could “fish”. My son adored going up into the tree house and down the slide.

My kids favorite activity was in the let your creativity flow exhibit. In this exhibit they had sand tables for the kids to create structures. The sand was kinetic sand so it was easily used by my toddlers. They loved the virtual reality sand tables that had light that made the sand appear to be different colors. In this exhibit there is also an art studio, paint wall, and the stage where performances take place.

The other two exhibits are science focused, and building focused. There is a ball machine, and a construction house and much much more.

They have traveling exhibits that rotate out every few months. Like I said when we were there it was Daniel Tiger. Recently there has been a new exhibit move in and it is the Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action exhibit. There is climbing activities, Kung fu, action star training, flycyle, surfing, snowboarding, and a toddler pyramid. You can see more about it here. It looks very cool, and I hope we get to check it out!

Overall we had a really great time exploring on our trip. It was extremely crowded when we went, but that was my fault for not researching the best times to go. We went in the morning on a weekday and I didn’t read until later that most of the field trips clear out by 1pm on weekdays so mid to late afternoon on a weekday is the best time to go. You are allowed to bring your own food into the museum and eat at the provided indoor and outdoor picnic tables. It can be a little pricey if you have a larger family to go to the museum, but there are ways to save. Buy your tickets online before you go and that can save you up to $3. Try to go on a value day and admission is $12.95 versus $15.95. Children under the age of 1 are free. For more info on hours and pricing click here. When we went I picked a value day, and bought online, so for the three of us to get into the museum it was about $40. The free family days will be a wonderful thing for larger families, and families who are on a tight budget. I hope we get to go back soon to check out the new exhibit.

If you’re looking for a fun, educational experience the museum is a wonderful resource. To see a video of our day at the museum, and get a look at the exhibits click here.

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