Interactive Neighborhood for Kids Children’s Museum

It feels like it has been raining about a month straight here in Atlanta! We are so ready for some nicer weather! Rainy days can be hard for little ones, and their parents. I was trying to find somewhere new to play indoors last night and came across the website for INK: Interactive Neighborhood for Kids. It is a children’s museum in Gainesville, and I had no idea it existed!

We live in Marietta so the drive was about 50 minutes for us going up in no traffic. I know that seems like a lengthy drive, but it was 100% worth it in my opinion. We arrived around 10:30 in the morning and other than a couple of field trips is was not crowded at all. I loved that! Admission is $9 per person 2 years old and up so I paid $27 total.

The museum is set up almost like a little town where every room you go in is a different exhibit. The first exhibit was the toddler room for ages up to 4. It had a small plastic playground, tool bench, kitchen, and a castle to go in with various toys.

From there we went to the grocery store, beauty parlor, and bank. The grocery store has lots of shopping carts and baskets. My kids loved that if you scanned a barcode at the checkout it beeped just like at the real grocery store.

The beauty parlor had several actual chairs, and all the accessories you could need…and wigs! My son hates getting his haircut so it was great to take him in there and talk about some of the things that scare him to help with his fears.

The bank had an area where older kids could learn about budgeting, a desk with a computer, and a talking penny(big hit with my little ones!). They also had a working tube system that you can send a scarf through.

From there we visited the dentist, radiology department, doctors office, and train area. The dentist has everything you need to talk to your kids about what a visit to the dentist will be like, the radiology department has real X-rays displayed, and several models of our organs. The doctors office has a wheelchair, walker, scale, and several pretend doctor sets. The train area includes a large train to play on, two train tables, and a model train.

Next up was the playground area. There was an antique fire truck the kids could get on, a police car, with working lights, that they were allowed to get in, and a large playground.

Adjacent to the playground area was the farming area with a milking cow, a room of chickens with eggs, and a talking hen.

From there is the post office with mail boxes, postal worker clothes for dress up, a desk with computer and phone.

Next we went into the large back room and stopped first at the airport exhibit. There’s a check in desk, a waiting area, security checkpoint, and an actual plane to get into!

There is a small camping exhibit with a boat, and tree you can go inside.

There are a few more things in the big room, but we didn’t spend much time in there so we will have to check them out next visit!

Our final stops for the day were the diner, the pet hospital, music room, and stage. The diner has a jukebox, soda fountain, and everything you need to make a pizza! The animal hospital has several cages full of “animals”, and everything you need to take care of them. The music room has a large piano and a big shelf of small instruments. The stage has a small piano, and costumes for the little performers.

They do have an area you can eat in so you can bring your own snacks, or bagged lunches. There is also a small gift shop.

I cannot say enough good things about INK! What a wonderful place for children to pretend play, and learn about jobs in the community. If we lived closer we would be there every week! To learn more about the museum visit their website here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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