10 indoor play activities around Atlanta

We are so ready for some sunny spring weather here in Georgia! All this rain has made my little ones a little crazy, and that’s made me a little crazy! I wanted to share ten indoor spots around Atlanta that are perfect for rainy days with little ones.

1. Tiny Towne

– located in Norcross, Ga and ideal for ages 3 and up

– Tiny Towne revolves around educating little ones on safe driving

– they have three driving tracks that are separated by age group. Ages 1-3 they have car themed kiddie rides that don’t freely move, but do move up and down and side to side. Ages 3-6 ride in a freely moving car, at a controlled speed, surrounded by a fence. Ages 6-9 drive in larger cars in a one way direction. Ages 9 & up have to pass a traffic test, and simulator test. Their track consists of road signs, two way streets, and cops who ensure the drivers are following all of the traffic laws they have learned.

– there is also a train ride for all ages, and an arcade area.

– to learn more about what Tiny Towne has to offer and their prices please visit their website here: Tiny Towne

2. Catch Air

– we usually frequent the Catch Air in Sandy Springs, but they have them in several cities around Atlanta

– Catch Air always has a little for every age. There is a toddler area for the smaller ones to play without having to worry about big kids accidentally knocking them over, several different bounce house activities, a large play structure with different levels of climbing structures, large tube slides and regular slides, and lots of tunnels.

– to checkout Catch Airs prices and locations please see their website here: Catch Air and always remember to bring socks!

3. Buddy’s Indoor Playhouse

– One of our favorite new indoor play areas! My four year old and two year old always have a great time when we visit, and there are so many fun toys and activities. The perfect place to practice pretend playing!

– For more info on Buddy’s please check out their website here: Buddy’s Indoor Playhouse.

4. Champion Kids

– Champion Kids has an amazing facility where they have a wide range of classes and activities. They have a great music class on Thursdays, and we love to visit during their open play hours which are usually from 10 am – 1 pm. We always check their Facebook page and Instagram page to see when they are having open play.

– for more information about Champion Kids please visit their website here: Champion Kids.

5. Shenanigans Toy Store

– this one is a bit outside of Atlanta in Peachtree City. It is a great little toy store with a big play area in the back. The play area is full of full size wooden playground sets, a trampoline, doll houses, kitchen sets, and more. There are toddler swings, and big kid swings, and lots of fun for all ages.

– always check their website for their open play times as they sometimes have birthday parties going on. You can see the times for open play and admission prices at their website here: Shenanigans Toys.

6. HippoHopp

– This is another great indoor playground located inside Atlanta. HippoHopp is an eco-friendly non-toxic play space. They have a large toddler area for the littlest little ones, and then a very large area for the bigger kids. Their space is filled with various jumping structures, climbing structures, slides, a rock wall, dodge ball arena, and more. Outside food is not allowed but they have their own cafe that serves allergy friendly food choices. Don’t forget your socks if you’re planning a visit! To check them out some more and see pricing please visit their website here: HippoHopp.

7. Hobbytown USA

– we usually visit the location in Kennesaw near Town Center Mall. When you first walk in there is a HUGE model train that the kids can make go by pressing various buttons around the track. Besides all of the amazing things they have for sale in the store they have an area at the far end of the store with several train tables, puzzles, and blocks that the kids can play with. It’s a fun alternative spot to go to on a rainy day. For more information on the store see here: Hobbytown

8. Interactive Neighborhood for Kids (INK)

– this is a children’s museum located in Gainesville and I just wrote a lengthy blog post about it here: Interactive Neighborhood for Kids Children’s Museum. You can check out my previous post for all the information on it. It’s a wonderful place! You can also see their website here: INK.

9. Tellus Science Museum

– Located north of Atlanta in Cartersville this is a wonderful museum for all ages. There is plenty of hands on activities for the little ones, and lots of educational material for the older ones. I have written a previous blog post about it and you can see all the fun we had there here: A Trip to Tellus Science Museum. For all the information on hours and prices see the museums website here: Tellus Science Museum.

10. The Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History

– located in downtown Kennesaw this is a wonderful history museum. The Jolley Education Center and the Pre-K room are the perfect place to spend a rainy day with your little ones.

-From train tables, to a train simulator where the children can actually “drive” a computerized train, to many other hands on educational tools it’s a wonderful place.

– For all the information on their exhibits, hours, and admission please visit their website here: Southern Museum.

Hope this has given you some ideas for those rainy days! Feel free to share any other fun spots you may know of! Thanks for stopping by!

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