A Trip to the Fernbank Museum

I used to think the Fernbank Museum was all about dinosaurs, boy was I wrong! I had NO idea how many hands on activities, and exhibits, the museum held. To be honest I was really hesitant to take my four year old and two year old because I thought it would be way over their heads. I have never been so happy to be proven wrong.

It cost around $40 to spend the day there. Parking was free, my ticket was $20, and my sons ticket was $18. This was for general admission with no movie add ons. Under 3 is free so I did not have to purchase a ticket for my daughter. For the full list of admission prices see here. We were there for a little over four hours and I feel like it was worth every penny.

I’m not going to go over every exhibit they have, but I do want to highlight our favorite areas. The first favorite was the Naturequest on the upper level. This is an exploration area for ages 9 and under. There are tons of hands on activities that are perfect for keeping the little ones interested, and engaged. There were baby alligators, salamanders, and snakes to see. Lots of places to climb through, and climb up. My kids LOVED it!

Sensing nature was another favorite full of hands on activities. From making huge soap bubbles, to learning about sound waves and electricity, to seeing how a meteorologist does the weather report, we had a great time!

A walk through time in Georgia was really interesting! From dinosaurs, to turkeys, bear, and deer to a walk through the Okefenokee Swamp we were all captivated by every piece of it.

The Pterosaurs exhibit is the newest exhibit and it does not disappoint. There are tons of visual displays, and hands on activities. The size of these creatures was so impressive!

The outside activities do not disappoint! My kids had a blast playing in the Nature Stories which was essentially a small playground for ages 8 and under. There were two slides, lots of tunnels, climbing, and more. In the summer months there is a water feature on one side of the area that demonstrates the flow of water. For ages 9-13 there is the Adventure Outpost. We did not try this one out but it had some really cool rope features to climb up, over, and through. There was tons to see and do outside that we were not even able to cover it all.

My only piece of advice would be if you’re going on a weekday it seems to slow down considerably after noon. When we got there it was heavily crowded with field trips, but after noon those seemed to dissipate and we were able to go back and see a lot that we missed due to crowds.

We will definitely be going back again, and I highly recommend a visit if you’re just coming to Atlanta for a visit, or if you’re a local. There is so much more to Fernbank than just dinosaurs and we loved every minute of it!

To see the full video of our visit, and all the exhibits we checked out click here.

For more information on The Fernbank Museum click here.

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