Discovering the Best New Kids Salon in Atlanta

My sweet girls hair needed some love. She still has that sweet, fine baby hair and I started to notice that the ends were getting so stringy. I had no intention of getting her haircut for the first time for a long, long time but it was becoming apparent that a tiny little trim would be really beneficial.

Sweet L has such a hard time with haircuts. I think we’ve tried just about every salon in Atlanta for him but at the moment haircuts are just really intense for him, which is completely common for kids on the spectrum, so I’ve just been giving him his haircuts at home. It has been such a long time since we went to a kids salon I had no idea where I should even take H. While I was on Instagram one day I saw the page for a small salon called The Little Blue Jay that had recently opened. After a quick look at their website I knew it was the place to go.

The salon itself is so beautifully decorated. All the chairs are a beautiful blue and there is a very vintage feel to the place (which I love!). The kids chairs are actually old pedal cars. H decided she wanted to go in the airplane.

There is also a wonderful play room for the kids to play in before or after their haircut.

They have the cutest children’s clothes and accessories for sale on the boutique side. I actually bought H a couple pieces of clothes that are perfect for fall!

H had her haircut by Ms. Kayley. She was absolutely wonderful and H rocked it! She sat quietly and watched the show they had playing on the tv while Ms. Kayley trimmed her ends. While H was having her haircut we let L walk around and explore. It’s important to us that he be included in these experiences even if he is not ready to have his haircut. Ms. Trell was the other stylist there and she was so kind to him. She talked to him on his level, showed him around, and even gave him a lollipop which he loved! It was apparent she had experience with special needs children and we so appreciated her kindness!

If you are in the Atlanta area and looking for a new kids salon I cannot recommend The Little Blue Jay more. It was such a good experience for us all, and after a few not so pleasant kids salon experiences this was a well needed breath of fresh air! With a kids cut being $19.99 it was also very comparable to what we had been paying before at the large chain children’s salons. The owner, Lauren, has created a beautiful space for all families. We look forward to going back again for many years to come!

For more information on The Little Blue Jay please see their website here.

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