Presence Over Presents: Giving the Gift of Experiences

Who else isn’t too excited about all the new toys that are about to take over their house?? One thing we do every year that cuts down on filling our house with toys that may or may not get used is we gift experiences. This past year we used some of our Christmas money for an annual membership to Zoo Atlanta. It has been such a great thing to have! We have been more times than I can count and it’s an experience we can enjoy for a year as a whole family. This year we are thinking about gifting the kids with a membership to the Fernbank Museum. We have had so much fun each time we’ve gone!

Below I’ve made a list of some of the family friendly places around Atlanta that offer annual memberships. If you have any grandparents in your life that are struggling with what to buy your kids suggesting an experience over a toy is a great idea! Instead of an annual membership it could even be a movie date, a trial class at a dance/gymnastics/karate studio, or any kind of special day they wanted to plan with them. Kids ask for lots of stuff but they’d take presence over presents any day!

Zoo Atlanta-$139 Family membership Click here

Fernbank-$130 to $170 Family membership Click here

Children’s Museum of Atlanta-$130 Family membership Click here

Georgia Aquarium-$285 Family membership Click here

Interactive Neighborhood for Kids-$99 Family membership Click here

The Bunny Hive-$175 Family unlimited membership Click here

Tellus Science Museum-$110 Family membership Click here

Kefi-$99 Family membership Click here

Atlanta Botanical Gardens-$109 Family membership Click here

Stone Mountain Park-$59.95 per adult, $49.95 per child Click here

Southeastern Railway Museum-$115.00 Family membership Click here

The Rock Ranch-$119.99 Family membership Click here

Center For Puppetry Arts-$110 Family membership Click here

High Museum of Art-$110 Family membership Click here

Legoland Discovery Center-starts at $55 per person Click here

8 thoughts on “Presence Over Presents: Giving the Gift of Experiences

  1. This is such a good idea! I’ve been trying to figure out what to buy for Tre… but I might just get a family membership somewhere!


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