Glamping: Our First Time in a Yurt and 10 Things to Know Before You Go

Before we had any babies in our life my husband, then boyfriend, and I loved going to one of our local state parks. When we were planning on getting married we even thought about getting married there and spending a couple of nights in one of their yurts. Life happened and our plans changed but we have still always wanted to stay in a yurt.

While my husband is in his busy season of TV work I knew I wanted to take the kids away for at least a night during our sons winter break. I started looking into our local state parks to see who had available yurts during his time off and what the prices were like. I found one a little over an hour away at High Falls State Park for $75 a night. The kids and I were so excited to have an adventure!

If you want an adventure but you’re not quite ready to commit to traditional camping I cannot recommend “glamping” in a yurt more! Here are a few things to know before you go.

1. There are six state parks in Georgia that offer yurt stays. They range in price from $75 to about $100 a night.

2. Each yurt has the capacity to sleep six. Linens are not provided so either bring your own linens or sleeping bags.

3. There is no cooking allowed in the yurt put there is a fire pit and grill outside each yurt. There is a small table inside the yurt, and a picnic table outside, but no fridge or utensils so be sure to bring a cooler and things to eat on and with.

4. There are no bathrooms in the yurt but there is a convenience station located adjacent to the yurts that has bathrooms and showers. If you have small children I would suggest checking out the map before you make your reservations and trying to snag the yurt closest to the bathroom facility.

5. If you go in the winter like we did there is a small heater in the yurt. I thought it heated the area up nicely. There is also a ceiling fan but no air conditioning. Portable fans and space heaters are allowed.

6. There were plenty of electrical outlets and where we were I did have cell phone reception. There was no wifi but that was ok for us because I was really trying to make the time a screen free time.

7. Each yurt had a front and back deck with chairs to sit on. The back deck where we stayed was just a short distance from water so if you have small children I would be sure to talk about water safety with them and keep the back door locked when not in use.

8. From what I could see it appears the yurts book up fast for the warmer months. If you’re thinking you’d like to stay in one I would definitely say make a reservation well in advance.

Picnic table, fire pit, and grill

9. If you’re bringing kids I wouldn’t worry yourself with bringing a bunch of toys. We went when it was raining and the trails were closed but I brought a total of zero toys. My kids played in the rain and had the most fun just exploring and coming up with games inside the yurt. We also drove over to Indian Springs Village where they have an amazing covered playground. Try to pick a yurt location that has some surrounding activities to do if you’re afraid everyone might get bored.

10. Being alone with two kids I was afraid I would feel unsafe but that ended up not being the case at all. There was a code needed to get inside the gate of the campgrounds, a code needed to open the front door of the yurt, and there was a campground host on site to help with any problems that were to arise.

If you’ve been thinking about staying in a yurt, or if this is your first time learning about them, I hope you’ve found this helpful! We had so much fun my kids are already asking to go again and I honestly can’t wait to go again myself!

13 thoughts on “Glamping: Our First Time in a Yurt and 10 Things to Know Before You Go

  1. I grew up going camping, and it was always the best times! We’d spend the whole day out on the lake, tubing and skiing on the boat. This looks like a great tradition to start with your family!


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