Favorite Things

Every night when I say goodnight to my babes I ask them what their favorite part of their day was. I love hearing what stood out for them about the day especially on the days that feel really hard. ⁣

Yesterday was a hard day. Lucas had hit his wall of virtual learning for the week and I had hit my wall of trying to keep him engaged. By bedtime I wasn’t sure if there would be any “favorite” parts of the day but at bedtime they each had a favorite part before I could even get the question all the way out. They were happy talking about it, smiles crossed their faces as they thought back to the moment, and as Hadley does everyday she exclaimed “it was the best day of my whole life so far!”⁣

These “favorite” moments are always a reminder to me that these babes of mine don’t see the hard moments like I do because they are too busy enjoying their favorite moments. It is a reminder to me to start enjoying 𝐌𝐘 favorite moments more and give less credit to those temporary hard moments.

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