Purrble: Our Favorite Way to Manage Big Emotions

This year has been a blessing in that it has forced us to slow down but it has also come with its fair share of challenges. One of our biggest challenges has been really BIG emotions from our little ones. From being at home more than we are used to, to having a whole new way of doing school, and having more changes than I can count emotions have been running high!

While our usual go-to for big emotions has always been our “quiet corner”, where you can go to calm down, it has sort of lost its magic touch after months at home. We were really struggling to find a way to give both of our little ones a way to find calm during a high emotion time.

Recently we were sent a Purrble to try. The Purrble is both an adorable toy and a high-tech tool all in one used to help diffuse big emotions. When the Purrble is startled, their heart rate picks up to a fast pace. As the little ones pet and soothe their Purrble its vibrational heartbeat slows down to a calm purr. While they’ve been busy calming down their Purrble they have also calmed down themselves and learned the beauty of self soothing.

When we have noticed a potentially hard transition coming on or the start of a possible meltdown we have been handing the Purrble to whichever of our little ones is upset and it has been amazing at assisting in calming them down. Not only are they calm but it has lead to a more calm, relaxed environment for our whole house. I also tried it our for myself on a day when my anxiety was getting the best of me. I found the calm, vibrational heartbeat to be extremely soothing and very quickly felt most of my anxiety tension let go.

The Purrble was developed as a play-based method for calming children after three years of researching social-emotional learning. As a Mama to a little one who requires more sensory input I can’t say enough about what an amazing tool this is to have around for assisting in some of the higher emotion times.

You can follow the link here to learn more about Purrble and how to purchase one for your family!

What is your families go-to method for diffusing possible meltdowns before they start?

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