10 Places Kids Eat Free Around Atlanta

My husband and I rarely get to go out on a date without our kids. Right now our village is small, and babysitters are scarce, so when we go out to eat we often are bringing our kids along with us. It's always nice to find a place that has a kids eat free night [...]

Consignment Sale Season is Upon Us

There was a time, early in our parenthood journey, where we didn't have enough money to afford much more than baby clothes we found at goodwill.  We would have loved to have bought both of our kids the trendiest boutique baby clothes, but that just wasn't in our budget.  For me, this wasn't a big [...]

The Top 10 Ways We Have Found Helpful To Save Money as a One Income Family

I am not a stay at home mom because my husbands income is so great that I didn't need to work. I am actually a stay at home mom because when we sat down and did the math what I was making at my last job would have been just enough to cover childcare, and [...]