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10 indoor play activities around Atlanta

We are so ready for some sunny spring weather here in Georgia! All this rain has made my little ones a little crazy, and that's made me a little crazy! I wanted to share ten indoor spots around Atlanta that are perfect for rainy days with little ones. 1. Tiny Towne - located in Norcross,… Continue reading 10 indoor play activities around Atlanta

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My first experience with flotation therapy

I'm going to be the first to admit that I am not the best at making time for "me time." It is incredibly hard for me to switch out of "mom mode" and into just "Wendy mode." It's not because I don't still have a self that is separate from motherhood, but more because my… Continue reading My first experience with flotation therapy

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The Delta Flight Museum

About a decade ago I was a flight attendant. I'm not sure how a decade has already gone by, but apparently I'm getting old. I worked for a charter airline that mainly did troop movements during the main part of the war. That job changed my life. I had never been out of the country… Continue reading The Delta Flight Museum