I Didn’t Bond With My Baby Right After Giving Birth

That's not an easy thing to say. It filled me with so much sadness and shame at the time. Made me feel like I failed her from her first seconds of life here on earth. Mom guilt right from the start. When they handed her to me I felt love, but I didn't feel the [...]

Padsicles, Dermoplast, and other Helpful Things I Wish I Had Known about Postpartum Life

As I talked about in my previous post about my birth story with baby #1( Birth Story of Baby #1) when all was said and done I had around 100 stitches from lacerations, and tearing, while giving birth. For anyone reading this that's pregnant: DO NOT BE AFRAID. This does not happen to everyone, and [...]

Free Museum Day at the Southeastern Railway Museum

Have you ever participated in the free museum day that the Smithsonian magazine organizes? This was our first year participating in it and we hope to make it a yearly thing from now on.  When I was looking at the list of museums in our area that were a part of the program I felt [...]